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Get back the time to grow your business through a
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Time is your only true ceiling.

Building a better business demands a lot, but you only have 24 hours each day.

How are you going to find the time when you’re already at your limits? And what will you do with it then?

We help busy professionals buy back their time in the most affordable way so that they can focus on growth.

Do Only What Matters

Our services ensure you understand exactly where your time can be most effective. Everything else, we can take care of.


Master your goals and schedule with a personalized time management plan.


Resolve your commitment debt through our delegation assistance that thinks for you.


Grow your awareness of time-enabling providers, customers, and partners.

From Unaware to Well Aware

Hi, I’m Conrad Ruiz. Managing my time has never been much of a choice.

My father was already an old man in his 70s by the time I came into this world. As if his age wasn’t already an alarm for me to grow up, at 17, I so found out, I was born with only one kidney!

And that kidney has cysts. PKD if you want to look it up – I did! 1 in 10,000 people. Kidney failure being the norm around age 45, I had two goals: Build a second kidney, & make dad proud.

I went to study biomedical engineering. I pursued entrepreneurship heavily, and blindly. I sacrificed myself well over the altar of success, & I failed.

My health became crippling – ironic. I gave up my engineer’s career salary so that I could pursue the success of business. In the end, I was exhausted, confused, ashamed. 

Then it hit me: I really wasn’t all that aware about what I really needed to do.

At one point, I realized I wasn’t the only overly-ambitious one exhausted by so much unknown and so little sense of focus or process. I put aside my goals, and I simply gave my time to others.

It became an obsession. I wanted to understand the nature of people too busy to even think about their time. My experiences brought into me to the world of operations management.

Before long I was creating the foundation for Well Aware.

If you’re worried about how you’re spending your time, I totally get it – It’s still a work in progress for me too. With that, I want to help you in the same way I wish I could’ve helped myself earlier.

I want to help you best go about your business so that you can focus on what matters. My kidney can wait. My old man is still with me now, and we, as a society, really need to buy back our time.

– CR

Mastering All Areas of Time with the Well Aware Way


Find balance to take care of your own physical and mental health


Invest time on the right projects to optimize your business growth


Get time to rest and review on your past actions to learn how to improve

We Help Every Client Succeed On Their Time

Brian Breen
Brian Breen
Founder, BOLDR Consulting

I had the pleasure of working with Conrad on my business, and he helped me gain clarity, organization, and confidence in my daily and big picture approach.

Peter Thomas
Peter Thomas
Nonprofit Executive

Conrad organized my work-life – making me much more effective. If you’re looking to increase motivation, improve productivity, reduce redundancy and make work less stressful then check out Well Aware.

Jolene Damián
Jolene Damián
Marketing Coordinator, DiRAD Technologies

Conrad taught me the skills I needed to 2x my appointments in less than 2 weeks. He is incredibly skilled in his field, and I grow in every session with him.

Siobhan Colleen
Siobhan Colleen
Owner, Industry Explorers

If you ever feel overwhelmed or that you’ve reached your limit, then consider Well Aware. Conrad knows exactly how to optimize how you spend each moment of your day.

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