Organize Your Time Smarter.

   Weekly consultations & coaching designed to optimally schedule your time and task for all 24 hours of every day. 


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 1. We Diagnose Your Time

Our consulting begins when we first come to understand your entire 24 hour calendar schedule with you.

What gets measured gets managed.

– Peter Drucker

2. We Identify Your Insights

Our expertise is to reveal what’s limiting your most effective time and tasks personally and professionally, with the solution to solve it.

Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.

– André Malraux

3. We Strategize Your Change

Our promise is to help guide you through the necessary changes toward your next level in self-organization and productivity. 

Once we accept our limits, we go beyond them.

– Albert Einstein

Know Thyself Fast.

Acknowledge your behaviors far more quickly than through manual self-reflection.
Understand exactly who you are, and from there, how to change.

UNDERstand Self-Discipline

Our world is more distracting and unfocused than ever. Through Well Aware, you’ll learn exactly how to regulate your behavior by having an advanced understanding of what causes you to deviate from what you set out to do.

Meet Your Expectations

Often the greatest frustration we self-apply comes from setting unrealistic expectations of ourselves and our time. Well Aware eliminates that pain by aligning the reality of what you truly can do with your most optimal choices.

Organize Your Peace.

9 key life events reflect our personal & professional endeavors, and they all harmonize.
Organize along these 9 frames in order to create order & conscious bliss.

All Things Considered

We recognize all time events around your nutrition, sleep, and exercise (HEALTH), your networking, creating, and prospecting (WEALTH), and your study, review, and rest (SELF). Our process ensures you’re optimal across all 24 hours.

Work-Life Harmony

Work-life balance is a false goal. You have to do what matters when it does, but to do that, you have to live a schedule you’re not only willing to do, but able to do well. Your schedule has to work holistically. With Well Aware, you can do that.

Become Your Best.

Well Aware is for ambitious professionals who want to grow faster, better, stronger.
Well Aware will chart a path to get there with you – You only have to ask for it.

Your Personal Accelerator

Our process aims to help you set clear, simple expectations with your time. That way you can follow what needs be done and see the results of that. We are reasonable, yet still challenging. Our key driver is your success.

Designing Behavioral Change

If a given behavior is something you determine to be inhibiting self-improvement, you can get proven tactics on how to change through us.
All the knowledge, time to practice, and awareness you need is here.

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