Our Mission Is Connecting The Right People At Scale.

Well aware

Network With Awareness 

We are keen on creating and maintaining connections to the people we meet — be they inside or outside of our network.

Through technology, we are able to share our awareness at scale with our networks in order to generate maximum value for our connections.

We then, as a group, leverage our combined efforts to help everyone connect with those whom they are best suited to do business with.

Whether you are looking for clients, business partners, or industry peers, we find the right people with you, for you.

How exactly does our group work?

The Well Aware Network meets once weekly for rapport & education. We remain connected through networking tools and emails regarding our networking activity. No forced referrals. No required attendance. All free.

No forced referrals

No forced referrals

Your network, your choice.

We love referrals, but only when they make sense. Our members refer to each other to offer value, not to meet quotas.

No required attendance

No required attendance

Network As You Need to.

Life happens. We want you to attend our meetings when you see value in attending, not because you are required.

No non-collaborative members

No Entry Barriers

Network For Free, Freely.

There’s no cost to being a part of our network, and the tools we use to operate all have a non-limiting freemium model. 

So what are you saying YES to?


Process-automated Connection


We invite you to use the same digital tools to make connecting, tracking, and reviewing our network easier and more scalable.


Data-oriented Networking


We encourage you to become a better networker through feedback and data which you can review as you network.


Network-wide Introspection


How can we be Well Aware without being self-aware? We welcome you to explore how we can improve our processes for a better experience.

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