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The Well Aware Podcast

Explore the lives of guests who’ve come to understand their tests of time and task, and take away their greatest insights, broken down for you to apply in your life, today.

About Well Aware

Tips, tricks, but mainly, wisdom.

The Well Aware Podcast was created in line with our mission to help people invest their most precious resource: Time. And so through our guests, we aim to further that goal.

Well Aware is a time management consulting and coaching company – we help our clients master all 24 hours of their day through analysis and insights about their own time, and…

By making those we serve aware of what’s possible in their endeavors to perform in a better way each day, we’re uplifting the lives of those we provide for. This is our passion.


Upcoming Episode

Time in Life in FL Real Estate with Andrea Marrero

Andrea is a powerhouse real estate agent here in southern Florida. With a very mindful focus toward value and opportunity, Andrea has experience to share about time, choices, and the obstacles of life.

Season 1, Episode 2    |    50min

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Meet The Host

Conrad Ruiz

Conrad Ruiz

Founder | Well Aware

Hi, I’m Conrad Ruiz. I’m a 25-year-old who chose to pursue time management as a service to others after continually over-stepping my own expectations with my time and tasks with which I assigned myself. This podcast is a project meant to highlight the importance of understanding and analyzing where we all come from with our goals and expectations, and to break all that down in a way that we can really learn. My endeavor is distill immediate takeaways for you, the listener, as I recognize just how much the value of insight goes to waste when it’s not brought into our fold of time on first chance. And so, I invite you to follow along.

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