Who We Are

Well Aware is a software-as-a-service that optimally schedules ambitious professionals toward their goals by means of a comprehensive analysis of their existing planning & use of time.

Through the perspective of watching one’s own expectations (their well-planned calendar) unfold alongside the reality of how their time is ultimately spent, newfound awareness arises.

This awareness is what’s critical to understanding the introduction of change. Through this picture,  one can see how their life and world is impacted & thus better set their future.


Well Aware Founder

Conrad Ruiz sought to end the struggle of his own time management pains caused by the endless thoughts of each of his possibilities and all of their respective opportunity costs. 

Taking from his background in biomedical engineering, business management, and as an entrepreneur, Conrad saw how important it was to set the right expectations for his time.

“We’re all presented with an innumerable amount of choices. While there are a number of optimal ways to go about most of our time, the question still boils down to what you really want.”




Our Advisory Team

Rick Leander is a global executive with a track record of building businesses, innovating products, and transforming the way businesses are run. More on Rick can be found here.

Temirlan Aigozhin is the Founder and CTO of Champloo LTD.  He was also recognized as one of Forbes 30 under 30. Temirlan advises on the startup and technology front. More on him here.

Gabriel Cabrera is a full stack digital marketer with 17+ years of experience, held senior management roles at Fortune 500 companies, Office Depot, Virgin, Avon… Learn more here.


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