We Help You Make The Most Of Your Time

More than a consulting firm, Well Aware partners with you to create and implement solutions toward managing your time optimally.

We’re not a business coach you hire to help manage your wealth. We’re not a life coach bringing personal affairs in order.

We are an operating partner — a strategic & tactical arm for your life’s time and task.

It’s hard to maximize the time to achieve optimal growth. It’s a job in itself. We at Well Aware take on that role for you.

Management Partner

We all have limits to our AWARENESS.


Time can be our best friend or our worst foe. The fine line in-between is in how we understand it.

At Well Aware, we help you see your time as it is and leverage the right knowledge to help you accomplish what matters.

We help you become aware of how to make the most of your time, and then do it together.

Our Program

On average, it takes us 3 months to completely change your life.

Well Aware

Becoming Well Aware

Within 12 weeks of sitting down with you and looking into how you spend your time, we can become fully integrated with you.

In that time, we review how you make use of your 24 hours, and spot-resolve problems however small that impact your everyday.

Using our data-driven approach, we’ll help you see how you are spending your time juxtaposed with what you are trying to accomplish, and how to improve that.

And as you’re ready for it, we help implement the right tools & services to support you in implementing key growth changes in your time and schedule.

We Will Fix Your Time

Through our partnership, you will begin to accomplish things on your priority list with minimal burden and stress while still finding time for your passions, hobbies, and family.

Our trick is in giving you a high-level, holistic look at your life and everything in it, and then finding harmony among the different aspects of it.

In short, Well Aware is a partner who helps you see the forest for the trees, even when everything looks blurry and you lack focus.

We can’t make more hours in the day. But we can allow you to buy back your time by  efficiency so you can be as effective and happy as humanly possible.

we fix your time

Who Needs Us?

We cater to professionals who — let’s face it — don’t have time to make the time.

CheckWe best support professionals who know their time is limited and want to maximize it but don’t have the time to learn how because they’re so busy with what’s in front of them!

CheckWe work a lot with business owners and entrepreneurs who find it challenging to stay up-to-date with everything that’s coming into their calendar, email, and other systems.

CheckWe’ve also supported higher level managers and even C-Suite executives who need a collaborative partner — not another boss — to help stay accountable and on-track.

CheckWe care most for those who feel overwhelmed with all of their responsibilities and who are finding it difficult to keep up with the pace – this is not how we should feel about life.

CheckWhen you feel like time has become your enemy, you need Well Aware.

Talk to Us.

Let us know what you are struggling with in your time.

Our Process

Well Aware is a data-driven time management consulting firm that operates on a systematic approach to buying back one’s time.

Step 1

Discovery Call

Just as in any method of solving problems, we start with getting to know you, what your goals are, and what you’re struggling with in your time and tasks.

From there, we put together data on how you spend time. From sleeping to eating to working, we want a 24/7 perspective of your time and world.

From that we aim to understand your obligations and needs, and thus how we can be of help.

Common Questions During the Call

MicWho are your key relationships, and are you managing contact well?

MicWhen are you sleeping, eating, exercising… is this done well daily?

MicWhat about your priorities? Everything accounted for in your schedule?

MicWhy are you looking to understand  your choices across time?

MicWhere do you feel time is wasted? Have you tried resolving that waste?

MicHow do you accomplish all your important tasks by end of day?

MicWhere do you feel you stand now, emotionally and mentally, after all you’re going through?

Your answers to these questions will lead us to creating the right plan and prioritizing changes to help maximize your time.

Step 2

Well Aware
Time Management Plan

We review the issues in your pain points and formulate a personalized time management plan.

How exactly do we help you?

Expectations vs. Reality

A: Expectations vs. Reality

We let you see with fresh eyes what your goals are, how much of them you’ve accomplished, how much time you’ve spent to accomplish each of them, how much time should you have spent on each of them, and so on.

As a result, you become Well Aware of the triad and how they are inherently connected to one another.


Your phsyical and mental health take supremacy over all other aspects. A health-first approach will give you the energy and time needed for other areas of your life.


Network, create, and prospect well. Spending the right amount of time and energy on projects to secure business growth and financial security is crucial.


Rest is just as important as work. Taking time to work on yourself, study, and review past actions helps find areas of improvement and positive change.

Expectations vs. Reality

 B. TRACK the triad.

Your health, wealth, and self need TRACKing.


Do you spend an equitable amount of time on your health, wealth, and self? How much time should you allocate for each of them?



Who occupies your world, both professional and personal? How aware are you of your relationships and how do they impact your health, wealth, and self?



What have you done to improve your health, wealth, and self? Are you doing it well?



How do your commitments impact your triad? Is there room to remove or delegate commitments to refocus on other priorities?



Which area of the triad do you feel more inclined to focus on? Which area do you need the most help with?

Set your priority

 C. Set your priorities.

After tracking your expectations versus the reality in your triad, we’ll set OKRs (objectives and key results) for the next 3 months.

This priority list will guide us throughout the 12-week journey of maximizing time to secure a well-balanced, harmonic, and happier life.

Step 3

Our Partnership

Identifying the OKRs is essential to your success, but Well Aware does more than just help you identify what needs to happen. We help you take action towards those goals.

This is where the actual work begins…

Your health, wealth, and self need TRACKing.

ChceckAn accountability partner (not a boss) to help you stay on track

ChceckA 1-hour meeting every week to see where you are at and where you’re supposed to be

ChceckA Well Aware calendar to keep you in the loop of what matters, professionally and personally

ChceckA proactive review of your actions so delegation can be implemented when the need arises

ChceckAssistance to offload the work outside your zone of genius

ChceckExercises to help you identify the thoughts and actions that impact your time and emotions

Talk to Us.

Let us know what you are struggling with today.

Our Goal is to Make You 10% Better at Handling the Work You’re Supposed to do Every Week.

We make sure you’ll be your best, Well Aware Self in 3 months.

And it starts TODAY..when you book time for our FREE assessment call.

This way to a Well Aware Life.

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