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In this episode of the Well Aware Podcast – This Sustainable Life, I bring you Jessica Godinez, Conservation Program Manager of the Hispanic Access Foundation. 

The Hispanic Access Foundation connects Latinos and others with partners and opportunities to improve lives and create an equitable society. One day, every Latino in America will enjoy good physical health in a healthy, natural environment, high quality education, economic success, and civic engagement in their community with some of improving the future of America.

Between July 16th through to July 24th of this year, there was a nationwide celebration to support getting the Latino community outdoors and participate activities to protect our natural resources thusly named Latino Conservation Week. During this time, Latino communities, organizations, families, and individuals all participated in a variety of activities, both virtual and in person.

Whether it’s hikes, parks, cleanups, online expectations, round table discussions, Q and A, scavenger hunts, Film screens, everything. There was over 150 events that were being celebrated nationwide as I understand correctly. Our guest Jessica had a very particular quote to share about Latino Conservation Week:

“Latino communities are passionate about the outdoors and hold a strong belief that they have moral obligation to be good stewards. Latino Conservation Week helps break down barriers for Latino communities to access public lands and waters encourages new opportunities for engagement inspires next generation of environmental stewards.”

Jessica is a first generation Mexican American who is drawn to support immigrant communities in navigating the systems of a new country while striving for social equity. Her family currently lives near Richmond, Virginia, where her love for nature continued to grow as the gardens around her family home did. Prior to joining Hispanic access, Jessica had nourished love of the outdoors through a job at REI, an American retail outdoor creation services organization and at the same time, she was also working towards social equity by partnering with local nonprofits, serving the needs of immigrants.

On this podcast episode, Jessica and I talk about the hurdles of accessing nature for Latinos. We talk about the leadership and logistics needs surrounding this problem. Finally, Jessica commits to her efforts with gardening at home, so that in the future she may share her techniques with her local community.
Enjoy the show!

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