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Digital Organization

Virtual Workshop

March 26th, 2021, 09:00 AM – 12:00 PM EST

Eliminate your disorder of scattered pen and paper notes. Become a digital note-taking master. This is Digital Organization with Well Aware.

About This Workshop

The digital organization workshop was created to help those who feel they deserve a neat, mess-free experience of keeping all of their notes organized digitally.

This workshop starts from ground zero.

If you’ve felt overwhelmed with the idea of transferring notes from pen and paper over to digital, or simply lack knowledge as to where and how to start, then this workshop is going to be everything you need.

Pop up of a journal entry page in Notion

Live Q&A

Throughout this workshop, you will have ample opportunity to ask questions related to getting digitally organized. If you get struck, need advice on a specific type of note you want to keep digitally, or if just want to have someone look over your screen to make sure you’re doing things right, we have live Q&A throughout this workshop.

Guide Group Training

Through this workshop, your journey towards blissful digital order will be done through a guided group training. The facilitator will be presenting you their screen alongside step-by-step instructions on how to follow along and feel completely setup. 

A Holistic Toolset

Before you leave this workshop, you will have the best available awareness, knowledge, and experience of over 10+ tools that will support you in all your endeavors to keep yourself digitally organized and tidy. Our goal within 3 hours is to empower you to remain well organized across all your digital devices, and so as a result, you’ll no longer have to worry about how you keep your life’s notes in order.

Your Facilitator

Conrad Ruiz is a tech-savvy business professional with a background in biomedical engineering and business management. Working full-time as a coach and consultant on time management, Conrad keeps his prowess in digital organization close to his arsenal of wisdoms and teachings.

Conrad has helped a number of clients transition from pen and paper notes to digital tools and systems. These systems not only completely removed the notebook/paper disorder that would have plagued clients in the past – said systems have completely upgraded how people create more business and peace of mind in less time.

Conrad Ruiz

Time Management Consultant

Pricing & Registration

Joining this workshop live requires purchase of a single ticket. Spots are limited to maintain a custom, personalized experience for all attendees.

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Don’t let another important note fall into the chaos of your pen and paper note-taking system. This workshop will free you of the burden that is disorderly, space-taking physical notes, and leave you breathing easy knowing everything you need to remember is in the right place.

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